Time Management - Mini Course

Everyone is given the same twenty-four hours every day. How you use them is up to you, and in this mini-course we’ll look at tips from some of the world’s top experts in time management, including Stephen Covey, Dave Crenshaw, Peter Drucker, and Tim Ferriss. Brain Bites micro-learning courses are information-rich and convey important topics with an engaging mix of video and animation. With 5 minute video lessons and 30-minute-or-less courses, Brain Bites are the perfect tool to educate today’s busy workforce. Topics covered include: • Using a Time Audit to analyze your productivity • Defining your Priorities • Focusing on your Circle of Influence • Effective ways to use a To-Do List • Using the 80/20 rule to manage your Priorities, To-Do’s, and interruptions • Identifying Time Wasters and how to manage them effectively

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