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Moggy's Coming

Moggy’s Coming is a non-threatening way to allow discussion with inquisitive children about how to behave safely in the unlikely event of a deliberate attack, terrorist attack, or any other event where someone is trying to hurt you. This is a ‘big’ book (390mm x 297mm), designed for teachers to use at the front of a class. Designed for Key Stage 1 & 2, this is the first in a series of educational books featuring the Mulberry School mice in emergency situations. This fully illustrated book takes a very serious subject and deals with it in an engaging way. The book features modernised nursery rhyme songs and additional questions for the inquisitive minded. Readers should note the book includes a UK specific emergency number. A teachers’ and parents’ guide to keep children safe in the unlikely but not impossible event of a deliberate attack involving children. Produced by citizenAID®, UK Edition Royalties received from the sale of this book go to the citizenAID® charity. Please download the free citizenAID app to learn more. YOU can save lives.