Know Your Numbers 03. Glucose

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DESCRIPTION Get to know glucose and discover how an unhealthy glucose level can be an indication of a serious health problem. Glucose is one of the modifiable risk factors you’ll learn about in this series. These are health factors that you can exert some control over. In this course, you'll learn how glucose is tested, what the results may mean, and how often you should have your glucose checked by a healthcare professional. You’ll also learn about how glucose and insulin work together to give your body energy. This concise 3-minute video course is part of our Know Your Numbers series. The course comes with a final exam and printable course document complete with a chart outlining the normal, prediabetes, and diabetes glucose levels. KEY OBJECTIVES Identify whether your glucose level falls within the normal range Assess whether or not you exhibit the symptoms for diabetes COMPATIBILITY Desktop Mobile SUPPORTED BROWSERS Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer 10 Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft Edge Safari

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