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JRCALC 2019 Pocketbook

The 2019 Clinical Practice Guidelines provide guidance for NHS paramedics; although the principles are applicable to the work of all pre-hospital clinicians. The guidelines are an important part of clinical risk management and ensure uniformity in the delivery of high quality patient care. As such, they form the basis for UK paramedic training and education. This pocketbook is an easy to carry aid memoire which contains all the key points of the full sized A4 version. As a first aid trainer, it's important to have a reference to ambulance service guidelines – after all, they are the next people to take the casualty. Increase your knowledge base and impress your students with your up to date knowledge of how the ambulance service will treat your casualty! Published: 2019 Authors: AACE and JRCALC ISBN-13: 9781859596562