Delivering Bad News in the Healthcare Setting

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DESCRIPTION I have some bad news for you.' No one likes hearing this statement, especially in a healthcare setting. For staff members and caregivers who work every day with the sick, injured, and elderly, having to be the bearer of bad news can become a common, almost routine part of the job. This can be a rather difficult chore for most people because everyone reacts differently to learning something that is life changing to his or her own health or the health of a loved one. Understanding how people grieve a variety of losses and how to communicate bad news has a direct impact on how the receiver understands and reacts to the situation. This course discusses why giving bad news is difficult as well as how to be both professional and empathetic when delivering challenging healthcare information. Go to Course Page KEY OBJECTIVES Identify why giving bad news is difficult Recognize how the stages of grief impact the delivery of bad news Recall how to give someone bad news in daily situations Name the ways to give someone life-and-death bad news Define the SPIKES method for delivering bad news in a healthcare setting

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