Healthy Workplace Bundle

SKU: HW019
As an employer, it is important to have a HR department, managers and supervisors knowledgeable about common health issues that may impact the overall health of your workplace. This Health Capsule bundle is designed to be part of any company program committed to a healthier workforce, which can ultimately reduce costs to the employer when associated with healthier and happier employees. This bundle provides you with a basic understanding of some of the most common illness, injuries and ailments in the workplace. Courses included in this bundle: Bipolar Disorder - 15 minutes Chemotherapy - 8 minutes Diabetes - 10 minutes Epilepsy (Overview) - 14 minutes Flu - 15 minutes Heart Attack - 16 minutes Hernia - 12 minutes HIV and AIDS - 18 minutes Migraine - 13 minutes Mononucleosis - 12 minutes Obesity - 13 minutes Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers - 6 minutes Rotator Cuff Problems - 14 minutes Sprains - 9 minutes Strep Throat - 13 minutes Stress Management 9 minutes Healthcare Stroke 20 minutes Healthcare Taking Care of Your Back (2) 5 minutes

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