Anaphylaxis and Adult Basic Life Support

This course will provide an overview of anaphylaxis; its causes, symptoms and treatment. It will then describe how to perform adult basic life support. This programme is suitable for any one who would benefit from an understanding of anaphylaxis and adult basic life support. This course is CPD accredited.


Course Objectives

Understand the physiology and triggers of anaphylaxis, and management. Understand how to perform adult basic life support in accordance with UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines.


Course Details

The course is divided into three modules:


Module 1 – Anaphylaxis Definition of anaphylaxis. Physiology of anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis drug and non-drug triggers. Signs and symptoms. Treatment and advanced treatment. Adrenalin auto-injectors.


Module 2 – Adult Basic Life Support (BLS) Assessing the victim. Assessing breathing. Chest compressions. Rescue breaths Chest compression only CPR.


Module 3 – Final Assessment Final Assessment


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